Jane 3web


Jane, a sweet 3 year old special needs Lab, is looking for a forever or foster home.   She is currently under the care of Wimberley Adoption Group and Rescue, (WAG Rescue) at their Refuge in Wimberley, Texas. 


In 2017, Jane was found in Wimberley, abandoned in a yard with her six puppies. WAG Rescue took her in and cared for her and her newly born litter.  After the puppies were weaned, Jane was scheduled for spaying in preparation for placing her for adoption.  But, before Jane was spayed, she suffered a spinal cord stroke that resulted in paralysis from her middle back down, losing the function in both hind legs.    Team Jane, a group of dedicated WAG volunteers formed to work tirelessly to allow her to walk again.  After many weeks of intensive care and therapy, it was determined that her left leg would never function and that it was hindering her ability to walk.  The leg was amputated to enable her to strengthen her remaining hind leg. 




Jane 2webThroughout her treatment and recovery, Jane has shown incredible spirit and determination, proving she would not be content to never walk on her own.  Today, Jane is now able to walk, unaided, on her three legs.  She still has weakness on her left side and her right leg is not totally back to full strength, but she walks on a leash, plays with other dogs and will even chase after a deer.  In other words, she is a happy dog.


Unfortunately, the stroke not only took Jane’s left leg, it also left her partially incontinent, affecting both bladder and bowel.  It is our hope that in a stable home and with regular and frequent trips outside, she will improve, but she will always need extra patience and care. 






Jane web4Jane is a loving and affectionate dog who needs the care and attention that only a stable home can provide her.  She is adored at the Refuge and she receives wonderful care and lots of love, but she deserves her forever home.